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Online Learning Centers: An Overview

In a traditional classroom setting, effective learning requires the skillful incorporation of a variety of components. Students register for a course. The instructor creates a lesson plan and lecture. The course is delivered at a pre-determined location. The environment is conducive to learning because everyone is able to hear the instructor, see the presentation and the classroom is distraction free. The instructor engages the students, stimulates interest, tests understanding, answers questions or clarifies points. Finally, students are tested and their understanding is measured.

Building an effective Online Learning Center requires the same forethought and, with proper execution, can achieve the same or better results. A successful Online Learning Center will have effective content and lessons and an interactive environment conducive to learning. The right technologies will be used to seamlessly facilitate learning and deliver effective training and testing.

ere is a list of typical functions Kiket can install in an Online Learning Center. The specific functions and technologies Kiket uses vary depending on the specific needs of the client. All student, instructor and administrator interaction with the system can be done from anywhere using standard web browsers.

Online student registration and course enrollment - Students register themselves via any standard web browser or online administrators can register groups of any size.

Pay tuition - Students can use the secure billing section to pay for courses with a credit card.

Create and deliver online classes to a global audience - Create online training using your favorite web authoring tools and make it available to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Create and deliver tests and automatically score the results - Write your own tests to measure the effectiveness of your online training and score the results automatically or by hand.

Curriculum customization - Online instructors can personalize the curriculum by adding or removing training modules from each student's learning assignments.

Integrated group discussions and email - Students and instructors can engage in lively conversations via email and bulletin boards. Interaction is an important part of any learning experience and the effective use of this capability is a key to successful online training.

Personalized instructor mentoring - Students and online instructors can communicate on subjects as needed.

Live interactive seminar events - Present course materials and speak to a live online audience in realtime. Answer student questions and conduct surveys to test understanding. Archive the event for future on-demand playback.

Conduct surveys and compile results - Prepare questionnaire's and compile results to test student understanding and curriculum effectiveness.

Integrated record keeping and reporting - Track student progress and test results using comprehensive reporting tools.

Installation, training and support - Kiket's Online Learning Centers are fully configured, tested and hosted on our servers or yours. Your staff gets the training and support needed to become successful online educators.


Explore the Kiket Online Learning Center and review the various components of an Online Learning Center as outlined above.

Visit the Benefits section of our site for a more extensive breakdown of the rewards of an effective Online Learning Center.

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