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The Benefits: Learning, Teaching and Financial

Training online offers many benefits. It benefits the student in that learning can be more focused and immediate. It benefits the instructor in that their training can reach a global audience. It benefits the owner of the Online Learning Center in that it reduces training costs and can make the organization more competitive and efficient.


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he primary goal of the student is to acquire knowledge. The student may be in search of many different types of lessons - new job skills, product knowledge, or improved language skills. More often than not, the student will be in search of knowledge that will allow him or her to to be more successful and efficient on the job. The Kiket Online Learning Centers can benefit student learning in these ways:

Flexibility - Online learning is very flexible. Lessons can be replayed, or viewed according to the student's availability, which allows participation in the lessons on the student's own schedule.

Pacing - Unlike a real world setting, the online class can be paused or replayed, allowing students to repeat lessons or move through a lesson at his or her own pace.

Learning style - Different people have different learning styles. Some people learn with visual aides, some by reading, some by listening, some through dialogue, others require a combination of all of these. Web-based training can maximize the use of all of these styles by incorporating streaming audio or video, hands-on testing and exercises, white papers, and email or forums for interaction with instructor and/or peers.

Reach - Extend learning to a wider audience, one which may have previously been restricted by geographic location or scheduling conflicts.


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he goal of the instructor is to ensure that effective learning occurs. The instructor wants to be able to deliver their lessons in an environment that promotes and tracks learning. The benefits Kiket Online Learning Centers bring to instructors are:

Testing and reporting - Measurement indicating the visible and cognitive skills students master by the end of a course and the maintenance of permanent student transcripts.

Competency management - Allowing you to match worker skill sets, both existing and newly learned skills, to job requirements.

Skills assessment - The measurement of a student's skill set (and where they are in the learning process) as it relates to their job responsibilities.

Online curriculum delivery - The storage of learning materials online and the delivery of those materials to a standard web browser.

Curriculum management - The creation, maintenance, updating and review of a body of training materials.


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s a Training Manager, you may have been charged with outlining the Return on Investment (ROI) for training within the company. While the value of knowledge and the cost of ignorance are difficult to calibrate, certain results are easier to measure. Some organizations may want financial results; others will measure reduced training costs or performance results. Kiket's Online Learning Centers financial benefits to an organization can be measured by:

Output - Increased production or increased sales, more phones answered or people served.

Quality - Reduction in the number or errors made or amount of waste produced.

Time - Reduced downtime of equipment, less overtime, less time to complete projects, reduced training.

Cost - Reduced overhead, fewer accident costs or sales expenses.

Work habits - Fewer absences, less tardiness, and fewer safety violations.

Atmosphere - Reduction in expressed or filed complaints, employee grievances or discrimination charges, lower staff turnover and increased job satisfaction.

Attitudes - Increased employee loyalty, employees' self-confidence, employees' perceptions of job responsibilities and willingness to take on additional work, noted changes in performance.

Skills - Better decisions made, more problems solved, and more conflicts avoided.

Development - Increased number of promotions or raises, increase attendance in training programs, increased transfer requests, and improved review scoring.

Initiative - Increased number of new ideas and employee suggestions made or a greater number of projects successfully completed.

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