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This section of the site is intended to serve as a resource for training professionals, allowing you to share your opinions and practices with your peers. We will regularly post new surveys and share the results on our site. Please bookmark this page and come back often to share your thoughts with us.

How Are You Training Now?
This anonymous survey will ask you about your training methods and how you track the success of your efforts. Your results, along with the results of your peers, will be posted on the site next month. The survey should take 3-5 minutes to complete. We look forward to your participation and we hope that you find the collected information useful.

Here is what will happen when you click the button below:

  1. Another window will open containing the survey
  2. You answer questions by clicking and typing
  3. You advance to the next question by clicking "next"
  4. You click the "send" button when you are through
  5. Sending your survey uploads your answers

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