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What We Do: Evaluate, Create, Deliver, Manage

Kiket is a developer of effective Online Learning Centers because we provided everything an organization requires to evaluate their training needs and materials, create compelling lessons, deliver their lessons effectively in an Online Learning Center and manage the training within the web-based environment.



Building a successful Online Learning Center requires an in-depth understanding of the goals and objectives of an organization. Every organization has unique requirements, so we spend time with our clients assessing training needs and developing an Online Learning Center made to match their goals. Our Consulting Services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Procedure guides development
  • Onsite and online training and mentoring
  • Expertise in training
  • Program evaluation


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The Kiket team is made up in part by seasoned educators with years of experience creating lesson plans, leading classes and motivating students. At Kiket, while we realize that intuitive Online Learning Centers are necessary to deliver web-based education successfully, we also know that content is king and a technologically superior Online Learning Center without substantial content would be as useful as a beautiful library with no books. That is why our experts work closely with our clients to help fulfill or augment their training and development needs. Services include:

  • Lesson plan development
  • Online training materials creation
  • Third-party content sourcing
  • Conversion and repurposing of existing content


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The Kiket technical team has years of experience working with a variety of platforms and technologies. We have thoroughly screened and tested an expansive number of products. Our experience and expertise leave us knowledgeable and flexible. Our goal is to help match our client's organization with the technology that best suits their educational needs and existing technical infrastructure. Kiket's experts are able to help:

  • Install and maintain the curriculum within the Online Learning Center
  • Integrate streaming media
  • Direct a live event
  • Server administration
  • Hosting
  • Web Commerce
  • Production of traditional web and advanced media events

Products and Platforms include Windows NT server platform, Microsoft IIS, Apache, Netscape and Microsoft browsers, RealNetworks RealAudio and Microsoft NetShow, 2Way Corporations and many others.


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Kiket helps clients make the most of their Online Learning Center by reducing administration and automating processes or functions. We provide services and expertise, which allow our clients to track student progress or barriers, as well as manage administrative functions such as accounting or registration.

  • Tracking and reporting
  • Technical support
  • Service upgrades
  • Billing
  • Account Activity

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