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Kiket helps organizations by providing everything needed to create, deliver, and manage effective online training. Kiket's comprehensive package of consulting, content creation, system design, and customer support gives the client an Online Learning Center that reduces training costs and delivers the right knowledge to the right people any time and any place. The tools employed and the processes taught are specifically chosen to meet the needs of corporate training. Kiket Online Learning Centers and the Kiket Online Learning Center, located in Seattle, Washington, were founded in 1997 by John Knapp. The company's mission is to turn the interactive promise of the internet into a viable online learning environment.

Kiket's founder, President and CEO, John Knapp, has a ten-year track record as an adult educator within the graphic arts industry. He has taught, written and lectured nationally and enhanced the productivity of hundreds of printing firms and design studios coast-to-coast. It is John's vision, perspective and industry experience that is establishing Kiket as an industry leader in this emerging market. His founding proposition was that it should be possible to use the web to deliver training of equal quality to face-to-face learning.

Kiket is privately funded.

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