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Put simply, Kiket exists to transform the interactive promise of the web into a viable learning environment. Used correctly, the web can be the best educational medium ever. Experts can share knowledge, and broad audience can consume that knowledge yet still interact directly with experts to cement their understanding.

Kiket Online Learning Centers exists to:

T - teach educators to take advantage of technology and help them to use it wisely
E - educate people so they can be successful online instructors
A - advise and share insight on the workings of knowledge transfer in an online environment
C - coach and support people who have knowledge to share
H - help educators understand the overall online learning process and their role within that process

Like most revolutions, achieving desirable results in an online learning environment takes hard work and commitment. It takes suitable technology and more importantly it takes a thoughtful approach and a willingness to use new teaching and learning techniques. When these elements are successfully applied, the full promise of the web will be realized and it will stake its claim as an instructional medium in the mainstream of training and education. As an educational medium the web it is unrivaled!


Kiket will deliver the promise of online learning by helping people adopt an appropriate, prudent and reasoned approach. We will select technologies based on appropriateness, we will adopt instructional styles based upon genuine needs and we will teach proven processes. We will share the hard work with our clients and help them achieve their educational goals and we will do so in a supportive and rewarding environment.



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