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Kiket's intuitive Online Learning Centers transform the interactive promise of the web into a viable learning environment. With our key partners, we help clients deliver the best and most effective online training. Kiket has partnered with several outstanding companies to share knowledge, best practice techniques and technological insight. We are pleased to acknowledge our partnerships with the following companies:


2Way home2WAY Corporation - The 2WAY Enterprise Suite is Structured Web Communications Software for Fortune 1000 marketing professionals that delivers immediate access to customer needs, employee insights, and general business intelligence. It allows non-technical business users to collect and share information over the Web easily, quickly and automatically, creating accelerated knowledge, accurate decisions, and powerful strategies.


DR homeDigital Rennaissance - Since 1991, Digital Renaissance has been developing solutions for Fortune 500 companies like Ford Motor Companies, Microsoft, and Bell Canada. With partners like Microsoft, RealNetworks, Apple, Atlantis Communications and Bell Canada, Digital Renaissance is recognized for innovative thinking around broadband Internet applications, network tools, and community-of-interest-based programming and content development. - uses the world's most advanced mass encoding facility to offer customers the proprietary Optimized encoding process for converting audio and video for the Net. has the experience and means to provide brilliant, timely and cost effective solutions for your Internet media needs.


For more information about our partner program, please contact:
911 Western Avenue, Suite 311
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 447-0636

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